Are you a cooking enthusiast who cooks now and then but also wants to keep the pots clean? Well, you got to clean them well using right the products. When you regularly cook in pots, you can easily notice grease and food residue which doesn’t get removed with daily washing routine. Therefore, you need to get your hands on right kitchen cleaning products including clothes that may do the job for you. In this article, we have covered how you can properly clean kitchen pots with our products. 

About Kingmax

We, at Kingmax, have designed various kitchen cleaning clothes using the best materials so that your pots shine like never before. Some of our top recommendations are:Kitchen Terry Cloth with colorful bars and stripes specifically designed to be distinguished from other terry clothes.

Kitchen Scrubbing cloth with scrubbing Nylon on one surface and terry on the other to remove hard stains and polish the pots. 

Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge with hanger which is ideal for dishwashing and cleaning stainless steel cookware. 

You can check various other kitchen cleaning clothes available on our website 

How to Clean Kitchen Pots using Kingmax products

While we have mentioned the products for you to choose from, you need to follow the right methods to get the results you desire. Here are few ways you can clean your pots using our products. 

Use Soft Materials

Using abrasive materials on your kitchen pots can result in destroying them. Therefore, sticking to soft materials like our microfiber kitchen cleaning clothes can do the job for you. Use a light dishwasher, rub it on the surface using our microfiber scrubbing sponge and wash as soon as you get the clean surface. 

Use Natural Materials

For sticky or greasy pots, don’t go for harsh dishwashers which may end up destroying the surface. Instead, mix half cup of water and half cup of vinegar in the pot you want to wash, keep it on medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes and once its cool, wash the pan with a dish soap, water, and using our kitchen terry cloth. 

Scrubbing Cloth for Burned-on Food

If you have got food burnt in your pot, stop before you use harsh sponge or wires to remove it as it can adversely affect its surface. Our Kitchen Scrubbing Cloth is what you’re looking for since it can easily remove the burnt material from the surface and terry on the other side can clean the pot like new. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

Remove the easily removable food as much as possible. 

Take little amount of baking soda and make its paste using water. Spread this paste on the surface of your pot which has burnt residue. Keep this paste on the surface for around five minutes. 

Now take our kitchen scrubbing cloth and start scrubbing the surface from the scrub side of the cloth in circular motion. Once the residue is separated, you can now use the terry side of the cloth to remove it completely. Wash the pan and see it shine like never before!

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