Not all microfiber mop pads and clothes come up with specifications for fabric composition. It certainly reminds the user exactly for which purpose microfiber-made cleaning products should be used. Have a look at this brief guide that identifies fabric composition in 3 strategies with details.

Fabric Types Included Within Mop Pads and Clothes

In most cases, sellers or brands mention the composition of fabric for both microfiber cleaning items like mop pads and clothes. Sometimes, mop pads come in Chenille fabric as the face material, on the other hand, nonwoven polyester is there inherently as the inner material. 

Mops & Materials

There are a number of fabrics that compose wet mops. For instance:

  • Cotton:

Absorbent and Durable. They are mostly perfect for cleaning up spills or for general-purpose cleaning needs.

  • Cotton Blend:

Similar to cotton-made products and their uses. But cotton blend tends to have long product life, with durability, and super absorbency.

  • Rayon:

To apply finishes and disinfectant, Rayon is used. 

  • Rayon Blend:

Only for applying a floor finish after cleaning once. Rayon blends have mildew resistance. 

  • Microfiber:

Hypoallergenic and non-abrasive features, designed for other lint, scratch, and streak-free purposes. For instance, Microfiber Mop Pads: They are mostly well-made of polyester, polyester-blend, or polyamide nylon threads to provide the mop pad the scrubbing ability and super absorbency. The ability of scrubbing is necessary to grab the dirt and the cleaning liquid or grime. 

  • Sponge:

They soak up water, dirt, and grime easily. Mostly, they come in a reusable design. 

3 Strategies to Identify the Fabric Composition

There are 3 strategies to follow in identifying the fabric composition. Here are the strategies given in the following:

  • Checking the Label on Packets

It is important for brands to spread awareness to the readers of the fabric composition. In that case, users can check the label on the packets of cleaning products. Most of the brands mention the fabric. 

  • Cutting a small piece of the Product Fabric

This is a test to identify the fabric composition. Cut a square from the swatch of the product fabric (3-4 cm). Put the fabric square in vertical mode. Then, pull some yarn from the edge until you see the full length. At this time, pull out different types and colors of yarn that seem to be marked up. Then, put them on the weighing scale and write their weights. Next, you have to do a small math.

The formula is:

[The weight of the 1 yarn pile/The total weight of all the yarns X 100% = Fiber Percentage] 

  • How to identify the fabric in microfiber-made cleaning products?

A microfiber mop pad generates friction while running across the wet floor to check the scrubbing method. 

How to Check: Wet a small portion of the floor with cleaner. Then run the microfiber mop over the floor. After that, check whether you feel any friction while mopping the floor or whether the pad glides across the surface.

Final Words

This article covers some of the strategies to identify the composition of the fabric. It is easy to find microfiber mop pads or clothes fabric but in the case of other items, you can cross-check with product performance with their features.

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