Do you know how to clean correctly? Just follow with us and show you something about our Numbered Microfiber Cloth. Confused to tell which side of cloth has been used or struggling to avoid cross-contamination in one cloth, now you have get a solution. With numerical order is printed on the surface, we simplify the cleaning process and show you how to use a cleaning towel correctly.

Each side of the cloth is ingeniously divided into four equally-sized sections, labeled with numbers 1 through 4 or 5 through 8. Follow the Step I to fold the cloth and Step II to use each section to clean, allowing you to easily navigate through the cleaning process.

The unique feature of this cloth lies in its smart numbered quadrant design, providing a systematic and organized way to clean. By following the numerical sequence, you can effortlessly tackle cleaning tasks with precision and efficiency.

Whether it's kitchen countertops, bathroom mirrors, or various corners of your home, the Numbered Microfiber Cloth is your dependable partner. Crafted from premium microfiber material and automatic production, it ensures exceptional cleaning results and durability. 

We invite you to experience the convenience of this innovative cleaning towel. With its thoughtful design, cleaning becomes more efficient and enjoyable.

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