Since resilient floors can withstand any sort of wear and tear, it becomes a popular choice to clean them with proper cloth. Microfiber cloth is one of the ways by which you can ensure the moisture-resistance, slip-resistant, and resilient surface. In this article, the discussion is on how you can clean the resilient floor by properly using microfiber clothes.

Microfiber Cloth on Cleaning Resilient Floors

Microfiber clothes come in a super soft texture on both sides that contributes to the scrubbing. For cleaning a resilient floor, it is important to have the soft and gentle function of scrubbing of microfiber clothes. Microfiber clothes are no exception because of their unique features, For instance:Removing tough stainsCapturing water, dust, and soapScrubbing and cleaning hard surfacesLeaving no lint or streak after cleaning surfaces.Cleaning up spills and damp things is easierAre hypoallergenic for the ones who would be cleaning.

5 Pro- Tips on How to clean Resilient floor with Microfiber Cloth

Here are the 5 pro tips that you would like to have whenever you are up to cleaning. They are:

  • Start with removing the loose dirt, dust, or any kind of debris from the floor.
  • Always follow a solution that consists of warm water and mild floor cleaner. You can use dish soap as well.
  • Damp the microfiber cloth very well so that it does not soak.
  • Keep a brush to yourself while cleaning. Because stubborn stains may not go away easily.
  • Clean the floor again with a dry microfiber cloth.

3 Products to Clean the Resilient Floor

Coral Fleece Scrubbing Cloth:It has coral fleece on each side with an additional scrubbing nylon fiber. The advantage of coral fleece is, that it captures water, dust, and soap in a quick manner.

Microscrub Jacquard:It is a microfiber jacquard scrubbing cloth-like material. Also, it comes with abrasive piles to remove hard stains

MF Check Scrubbing: This product comes with a checked design with a coarse surface.


Cleaning resilient floors with a microfiber cloth is both a simple and effective method. Because microfiber cloth maintains a clear balance between durability and keeping the appearance of flooring. Features like- ultra-fine fibers on both sides, super absorbency, and lint-free structure make the microfiber cloth perfect for spotless cleaning. Remember the pro tips on the process of cleaning the floor.

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