A dog kennel is something that requires regular cleaning. Why? A clean kennel provides a hygienic space for your dog and your home that promotes overall mental well-being. Besides, a dog kennel is a major source of the building up of fleas, ticks, and other parasites. To clean dog kennels, microfiber products have been serving greatly. Read the entire article on how you can take care of your dog's kennel with the use of microfiber coral fleece.

Microfiber Features for Cleaning Dog Kennel

Microfiber is one of the key cleaning tools for dog kennel maintenance. Because microfiber clothes have:

  • Super auto polishing capacity.
  • Cleans the dog kennel with details.
  • Extremely good at water absorbency.
  • The feature of leaving no lint or streak behind.
  • The ability to quickly dry.

5 Microfiber Coral Fleece Cleaning Tips for Dog Kennel

You don’t require a lot of materials to clean a dog kennel. Just keep microfiber clothes, cleaning detergent (mild one), a vacuum cleaner, or another microfiber cloth that would remove loose debris, and you’re done! Here are the 5 tips for dog kennel cleaning with Microfiber Coral Fleece: 

  • Always take your dog kennel outside to remove loose debris. It minimizes mess indoors.
  • Use microfiber coral fleece to wipe away the dog kennel for additional debris.
  • In case of any visible stains, spot-clean the kennel using a mild detergent or any kind of cleaner you are comfortable working with.
  • Although microfiber coral fleece is good at disinfecting the kennel itself, you can still use a pet-safe disinfectant. Wipe down the kennel in the spaces with a clean cloth and sponge.
  • Regular cleaning is a must. Make a cleaning schedule and keep the kennel comfortable for your loyal friend.

Kennel Care with KINGMAX 3 Products


The most important part of cleaning the dog kennel is that regular cleaning reduces the risk of bacteria and the growth of fungi. Besides, a clean kennel can control odors related to pet waste. We believe our 3 KINGMAX products made of Microfiber coral fleece serve the best. Let us know which product creates a pleasant living environment for your dog!

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