Deodorant stains on leather bags- it is a familiar situation to those who use leather bags more often. The reason behind stains on leather can be a chemical reaction. The consequences are severe because it may cause color damage to your bags. That is where microfiber cloth comes in and contributes to cleaning the stains with its features. Keep reading on how you can keep your leather bags safe.

Microfiber at Cleaning Deodorant Stains on Leather Bags

Microfiber clothes are well-known for their good absorbency and gentle cleaning features. Some more features are as follows:

  • High absorbent capacity.
  • Suitable for use on leather.
  • Lint-free wiping
  • Good for the mild cleaning solution
  • Durable and withstand any use
  • It has electrostatic properties that remove deodorant stains.
  • It does not cause abrasion to the leather surface

5 Pro-Tips to Keep Leather Bags Safe from Deodorant Stains

Microfiber clothes are excellent at cleaning deodorants. Still, you must be careful about properly cleaning the leather bag. Here are the 5 pro tips that we would like to give you:

  • If you think the stain is fresh, start scrubbing the leather bag using a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Dampen microfiber cloth is always better at cleaning any kind of stain. Deodorant stain on leather is no exception. Because microfiber cloth has a soft texture that absorbs the stain without causing any damage.
  • Allow the leather bag to be air-dried. Do not keep the bag under sunlight for air drying.
  • If you are familiar with any kind of leather conditioner, you can use it on the bag after it gets dried properly.
  • Polish the bag with a soft clean microfiber cloth to retain the shine of the bag.

3 Products that Clean Deodorant Stains on Leather

Coral Fleece Pro: A product of double-sided coral fleece that is good at water absorbent.

RPET Diamond Glass Polishing Cloth:Super absorbent cloth with anti-bacterial properties.

Goblet Polishing Cloth:Scratch-free cloth to remove heavy stains.


When deodorant stains sit on the leather, it does not go away easily. Instead, it penetrates the material quickly. The given 3 products of KINGMAX are market standard and keep your leather bags safe by removing harsh stains. Follow the pro tips so that you can stay more careful in terms of cleaning stains. Let us know if you have been experiencing any sort of problems using our products.

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