Have you ever faced sudden itching, constant sneezing, and chest pain while cleaning your home spaces? If yes, this article might help you eliminate these issues. Allergies and respiratory issues are the most common symptoms that occur when you are exposed to allergens. 

It can happen from the dust mites that you have been using for years or chemicals that you use for cleaning. Somehow, you inhale these particles and feel irritation. Microfiber clothes work effectively against these allergens. Learn more below:

How Does Cleaning Cause Allergic and Breathing Difficulties?

You heard it right. The way you clean your home might not be suitable as you might be using unknowingly harsh detergents and chemicals that are not eco-friendly to the environment. Detergents that include bleach, ammonia, and phenol, can irritate the skin, eyes, and the respiratory system of the body. 

The respiratory issues that you may face are not only limited to breathing problems. It can cause long-term spots on your lung that may need monthly follow-ups. That is why experts suggest that you must change your dust mites and clean clothes to avoid any sort of allergic reactions. 

Microfiber’s Role in Minimizing Allergies and Breathing Irritants

Microfiber clothes are great at preventing allergies and respiratory irritants. Here are some features that may convince you to use microfiber for cleaning your home: 

  1. Microfiber clothes are hypoallergenic (anti-allergen) material.
  2. They eliminate up to 99.9% of bacterial growth.
  3. They trap dust, and allergens and prevent airborne diseases.
  4. They have superior absorbency.
  5. Machine washable.
  6. They last for hundreds of washing.
  7. A multi-purpose cleaning cloth.
  8. They leave a lint and streak-free surface.

3 Anti-Allergen Microfiber Products for a Healthier Home

  1. RPET Antibacterial Stretch Cloth: The cloth has antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of 1% residue and confirm 99% killing of bacteria.
  2. Antibacterial Waffle: A microfiber cloth that comes with superior water absorbency and better cleaning performance.
  3. Antibacterial Terry: The cloth not only eliminates microbial growth but also controls the bad smellings.


Microfiber products that we have mentioned in the article help you fight against allergens. When using microfiber, always prefer to damp the cloth with water. Because it not only removes germs and bacteria at a rate of 99.9% but also improves your overall health condition. Remember, the home is not only full of human bodies, there are kids, pets, and elderly people too. For their sake, you have no other alternative to look upon except for microfiber.

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