Do you love cleaning your car to make it shine like a star? Well, you would always be looking for a car cleaning cloth. 

While various cleaning techniques do make difference in cleaning results, however, using the right kind of car cleaning cloth can definitely make the expected outcome easier to achieve.

If you don’t know which car clothing material can work the best on your car and where you can find it easily, look no more as we have got everything necessary covered for you under one roof. 

What fabric is suitable for car cleaning?

A cloth that is super absorbent and doesn’t create any kind of scratches when you clean your car is the ideal one, and a microfiber material looks after all your needs. Here are some of the most popular features of microfiber cloth: 

A microfiber cloth is incredibly soft, thanks to the presence of polyester material. When you choose a cleaning cloth for your car, ensure that it has the highest percentage of polyester in it. 

Microfiber clothes have a charge on them which makes them capable of capturing dust and dirt like a pro. The fibers in this cloth are extremely packed together compared to a cotton cloth due to which they are better at cleaning grime. 

They are extremely important and capable of capturing around eight times more water compared to their weight. 

Microfiber cloth provides a guaranteed scratch free polish and shine unlike a cotton towel which may leave small scratches on surface of the car. 

About Kingmax

For almost two decades, our microfiber cloth production has been making waves in the market thanks to the excellent quality that we provide. We follow highest quality control practices to ensure that our customers are provided with best microfiber products they are looking for. Here are few of our best car cleaning clothes that you can get your hands on. 

Heavy Twist Car Washing Cloth

Coming with a unique twisted loop, this car microfiber car washing cloth is specifically designed to provide a streak free cleaning on the surface of your car. It is made using blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide which ensures excellent softness and therefore a scratch free cleaning. 


  • Extremely strong absorptive power. 
  • Rounded corners to prevent curling. 
  • Piped edges to prevent unraveling. 
  • Easily customizable in various colors and sizes. 

Microfiber Car Polishing Cloth

This unique car cleaning cloth is made with double sided coral fleece and comes with an extremely good water absorbency. Due to the softness it possesses, it can prove to be excellent for car cleaning and polishing both. 


  • One solid color or two color tones. 
  • Super soft coral fleece. Gives scratch free and streak free cleaning. 
  • Extremely high water absorbency. 
  • Suitable for auto polishing and auto drying. 
  • Has long fluffy hair which can easily capture soap and water. 
  • Satin piped edges to minimize scratches and prevent fraying. 
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