Most of us love to party on occasion. Falling wine and vomiting on the carpet during the party are common problems. And clean these stains after a party is very irritating. 

But, if you follow the acting fast enough rule, it will be easy to clean. Now, you may ask how to clean wine or vomit stains easily! So, we are here to show you the best 2 effective methods to remove wine or vomit stains by using familiar ingredients which you can always find in your home. 

Moreover, we will tell you about an amazing product that will help you to clean efficiently. We recommend you read without skipping to get magical tips and tricks on removing wine or vomit stains. 

Fundamental Products for Removing Stains

Before starting, let me introduce you to essential products for cleaning wine or vomiting stains. 

You should keep Absorbent Disposable Mop Pads

Supper PU Kitchen Towels in your kitchen for cleaning wine or vomiting stains efficiently. 

It is a microfiber cloth with an ultra-absorbent system that removes stains without scratching. Try to take light colors, especially white kitchen towels. 

Let's start with methods of cleaning wine or vomiting stains. You can complete all of the methods very rapidly and simply with some easily manageable materials. 

Method 1: Applying Salt on Stains

Using salt is a common remedy. Wine is acidic and salt is neutral. So salt can remove the stain of wine as well as vomiting.

Initially, blot the wine with Absorbent Disposable Mop Pads.

Secondly, apply salt to the entire area of the stains.Then, keep the salt on the stains for 15-20 minutes. 

After observing that the salt soaks into the stains properly, dry the salt. ( Don't apply too much heat)You can see the salt suck up the stains.

Now, take the kitchen towel and clean it. 

Method 2: Applying a Paste of Baking Soda & Water

Using a Paste of baking soda & water is the most effective home remedy for removing wine stains from carpets. 

Wine is acidic and baking soda is a base. According to science, bases react with acids and neutralize the acid. So, using baking soda can easily remove the stains of wine, and also clean vomiting stains. 

Initially, make a paste of baking soda and water. (Consistency should not be so runny, add a few drops of water only)

Now, blot out the win with the Absorbent Mop Pads.

Liberally apply the paste to the area of stains.

Dry it properly. 

Then you can use a wet Kitchen Towel to clean it.

After these steps, you can get stainless carpets or clothes. 


After reading this article on how to clean wine or vomiting stains, now you can clean the stains of wine or vomit easily. 

Hopefully, our tips and tricks would be beneficial for you.

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