It is always fun to wipe down the clean shower using a microfiber cleaning cloth. If the shower seems wet, give the shower glass door a thorough wipe using the microfiber cloth. Besides, when it comes to cleaning the tub, there is no alternative to microfiber clean clothes for its being highly absorbent and static. 

Does It Help to Clean Showers and Tubs Using Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloth works to clean and shine the shower doors, tub, walls, tiles, and other features. All you need is to wet the microfiber cloth to remove soapy scum, any kind of debris, or left-alone water residue. It is wise to clean your shower and tubs every (1 or 2) week based on the nature of your household. After the daily use of the glass doors of the shower, it is evident that you would wipe down the doors to keep them clean.

How to Clean Showers and Tubs: Step-by-Step Guide

Be it a shower or tub, a step-by-step guide is to the rescue in cleaning them using Microfiber cleaning cloth. For this reason, follow the simple procedure below:

Step 01: Scrubbing Bubbles

You can use scrubbing bubbles in the correct method to clean showers and tubs by wiping them down using the microfiber cleaning cloth. You have to just shake it up to apply a thin foam layer cleaner to the tub. After that, wait 5 minutes at least to penetrate the surface regime.

Step 02: Wiping Down the Scrubbing Bubbles Off the Shower and Tub

Before getting into this step, make sure you have a wet microfiber cleaning cloth to start. To clean the toilet’s exterior, paper towels were quite a thing, similar to the tool of choice. But when it comes to cleaning the tub and shower, choosing microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal. The microfiber cleaning cloth has higher absorbency and minor static electric charge making it more valuable than cotton cleaning.

3 Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in 2023 That Cleans Showers and Tubs

There is 3 best microfiber cleaning cloth in 2023 that is perfect for cleaning showers and tubs. They are:

Premium Superpol Tower: Highly absorbent and multi-purpose setting.

Microfiber Scrubbing Cloth: Scrub and Polish hard surface.

Glass Cloth: To clean shower glass causing no damage in lint, streak, and scratch. 


After using the microfiber cleaning cloth in cleaning the shower and tub, you can wash the microfiber cleaning cloth in the washing machine. Since the mop pad would be air-dry, you can put it in a dryer. Weekly clean-up and keeping the temperature less high heat setting in the dryer can help the microfiber cleaning cloth to be sustainable.

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