Bleachable products can be fancy if you know where to look for them. When we are looking for bleachable products, the items tend to be less fancy and the quality is always poor. After just a few uses, the product loses even more of its worth as bleach is a harsh cleaning agent. In bleach, there are various chemical ingredients that are harsh on multiple surfaces as they are intended to take off any hard stains. As a result, it is hard to manufacture a bleachable item that is going to retain its quality even after several usages. Kingmax is one of the very few companies that could come up with many bleachable products that are fancy and efficient. Let us take a look at some of them. Now, we will go in-depth about some of the bleachable products from Kingmax. 

Kingmax Bleachable Advanced Microfiber with Color Bar.

The bleachable advanced microfiber cloth is a black terry cloth that has an orange color bar for decoration. As the color is dark, you will not notice the deterioration of the towel over time, but Kingmax also allows customized colors for the towels. The fabric is bleachable and highly resistant to caustic or acidic cleaners making it withstand the harshest of uses. 

Kingmax Microfiber Colored Yarn Knitting Cloth.

This cloth is made using durable polyamide and polyester so it is strong enough to take on any cleaning products. The towel is very soft and the extra-microfiber construction along with Intra Weave technology provides versatility and a high absorbency rate. A chlorine bleaching test was carried out and the towel did not react dramatically to the harsh chemical. Even after several uses, the towel will not lose its extraordinary cleaning features. 

Kingmax Bleachable Fancy Woven Towel.

Just like the name suggests, this towel is a fancy one as it has zigzag patterns and various color combinations to choose from. It is also highly resistant to caustic or acidic cleaners and bleaches. The fabric is highly absorbing and provides gentle scrubbing which is perfect for a maximum cleaning performance. Through repeated use such as bleaching or laundry, the towel will stay soft and tender to the touch. 

Kingmax Microfiber Twisted Wet Mop.

Twisted wet mops are perfect for cleaning tight and narrow spaces. The front of this mop has a twisted yarn face with loops and hooks which is ideal to clean all types of floors and can also be used for hard scrubbing. The back of the mop has a Velcro backing to attach it to various mop heads. The wet mop is known for its highest color fastness and it is resistant to any kind of harsh chemical ingredients.

Final Words:

Kingmax bleachable products are some of the best bleachable products in the market within an affordable price point. The quality of their products is superior to most cleaning items because these are made after incredible research and experience. You can get the products shipped to most places in the world.

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