The shower is one of the areas in your home where microfiber clothes work easily. Squeegees work better than microfiber cloth as such clothes remove extra water after the shower. This guide helps you to learn more about cleaning shower walls using microfiber cloth following 5 easy steps!

Can Microfiber Cloth Clean the Shower Wall?

Most of the time, microfiber cloth is the one that absorbs the water in the shower, keeping away all stains and mildew. It is wise to clean the shower walls at least a few times a week. Here are more features that make microfiber clothes beneficial for cleaning as a cleaning essential:

  • Traps dirt, moisture, and grime.
  • Provides a lint-free experience.
  • Highly absorbent
  • Do not scratch surfaces.
  • Provides antibacterial protection.
  • Inhibit the mold growing onto the shower wall
  • Cleaning time gets reduced.

5 Easy Steps to Clean the Shower Wall Using Microfiber Cloth

Cheers to your effective cleaning using the microfiber cloth on a shower wall. The Step-by-Step guide is:

Step 01: Make sure the shower wall is free from any soap scum. Firstly, rinse the wall with water to remove any unwanted wall dirt.

Step 02: Now, mix water and white vinegar, in some cases, you can use mild bathroom cleaner as well to clean the shower wall. You can get a spray bottle to spray the wall with the mixture.

Step 03: Spray the solution and sit for a few minutes for the grime to break down and show up.

Step 04:Now use your microfiber cloth to trap the dirt and grime. Do not worry about scratching the surface. 

Step 05:After finishing wiping down the shower wall, rinse the wall with clean water. Again, you can use the microfiber cloth to dry the walls or leave the wall to air dry. 

3 Best Products that Contribute to Cleaning the Shower Wall

Here are those 3 products:

NANO Superpol ClothLint-free, streak-free.

Shiny Glass Cloth: Provides Smooth-surface with less friction

rPET Antibacterial Stretch Cloth: Antibacterial-treated cloth, eco-friendly to the environment.


You may experience stubborn stains on the shower wall that require you to repeat the cleaning process for a while. Regularly cleaning the shower wall prevent the wall to show up with soap scum and grime. We believe these 3 products help you in the cleaning process in the future.

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