· Single-use microfiber mop pad in 190gsm is lightweight and has an excellent cleaning performance. · Built-in scrubbers to effectively absorb hair and remove dirt or dust. · Applicable on a variety of surfaces and is good for both dusting and wet cleaning.

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Durable yet disposable

  • This single-use mop pad is constructed from polyester/polyamide blended microfiber yarn and polyester yarn in 190GSM. 
  • Light weight per pad makes it cost low for single use with limited cleaning square footage. 
  • Cheap to be tossed after single use to prevent cross contamination in a bio-hazard setting.

Built-in scrubbers for effective dirt removal

  • Built-in polyester stripes in between work as gentle scrubber to loosen and remove hard dirt or stains effectively.
  • These mop pads can be used on all common floor types like concrete, marble,  stone, textured surfaces, tile and wood.
  • Designed for versatility, these mop pads works to prevent infection, maintain environmental hygiene, and improve productivity.
  • Ideal for healthcare clean to remove 99.9% of microbes including clostridium dificile spores, and stop the chain of infection.

KINGMAX - OEM Microfiber Supplier

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  • KINGMAX also welcome customization inquiry to produce OEM wholesale microfiber pads or cleaning tools for any specific fabric, color, size, logo or trims. 
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  • Provide consistent cleaning quality and maximum cleaning performance in every single-use mop pad.

  • With a large selection of raw materials, laundered mops can be featured with versatility and designs, such as twisted yarn, tufted fabric, scrubbing stripes...
  • No laundry needed, no worry of the negative impact of laundry on the microfiber-based mop pads.

  • Long service life, low cost: highly durable mops for machine wash to withstand 300+ times of laundry.
  • Minimize the risk of cross-contamination and healthcare-associated infections.

  • Wide applications on different types of mop frames and all kinds of flooring and locations.

Disposable mops will improved compliance, reliability and efficacy of cleaning procedures in healthcare clean and can reduce the risk of cross-contamination in healthcare environments.

100% Polyester
39*11cm or As required
Healthcare Clean