Towels are one of the items which should be kept clean at all times. They accumulate a lot of dirt from our bodies which can cause them to grow bacteria if you do not wash towels regularly. People are always eager to purchase towels that are comfortable on the skin and easy to clean.

Kingmax has some towels to offer, and all of the products are specialized to help in cleaning around the house or used for professional cleaning. In this article, we will discuss further some of them.

Antibacterial Waffle

This is a microfiber waffle cloth with fantastic cleaning performance and high levels of water absorbency. The waffle cloth gets its antibacterial techniques because of the silver ions embedded in the fibre. The ions help to attract all the dirt and bacteria from the surface and onto the cloth.

Moreover, the cloth is also equipped with antimicrobial dyeing, which helps to diminish up to 99.9% of bacterial growth and damaging microbial. The antibacterial waffles come in shades of blue, with tiny squares all over them, giving them some edge. This cloth comprises 80% polyester and 20% polyamide and weighs 300 gsm.

Antibacterial Terry

As the name suggests, this is a terry cloth equipped with high cleaning properties. The Antibacterial Terry is made with Kingmax microfiber terry cloth embedded with silver ions within the fibres. The ions help remove all the bacteria and leave a clean surface. The cloth is also dyed using an antimicrobial dyeing technique which helps to prevent bacterial growth.

Moreover, bad smells can also be controlled as this cloth helps eliminate bacteria. This product is also made up of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide and weighs 300 gsm. As the Terry cloth can be squeezed into places, you can clean all the nooks and crannies within the house.

Bamboo Cloth

The bamboo cloth  is one of the special editions of Kingmax, as it is made up of natural bamboo fibres. As you can imagine, this cloth feels softer than most pure cotton clothes. The soft hand feeling disappears even if you make the cloth go through the repeated laundry. However, you have to take good care of the cloth so that they can last a long time. These cloths are meant to be used as bath towels as the bamboo cloth is known to be skin-friendly.

You can use  bamboo fabric against your skin daily, and it will not cause any irritations as the cloth is very soft and not harsh against the skin. Bamboo fibre is naturally equipped with properties that help to prevent bacterial growth and do not smell. This cloth air dries quickly and can be washed easily in the machine.

Final Words

Kingmax is known for creating unique products that do an excellent job of cleaning surfaces. Their products are made of suitable quality materials that are easy to maintain. Kingmax has brought some innovative products that cost little but do a fantastic job. That is why their products are known all over the world.

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