The revolutionary antibacterial technology has achieved to eliminate up to 99.9% of the microbial and bacterial growth in the cloths. Hereby the bad odors typically appeared in towels are solved. 

KINGMAX Antibacterial series of products introduce multiple techniques in the fiber, such as antimicrobial dyeing and silver iron embedded yarn. We are also open to customize other antibacterial items based on clients’ requirements.

Join us to the next stage of Antibacterial Microfiber and have a new cleaning experience.


Made from special yarn dyed microfiber fiber, our Bleachable items are known for their high color fastness, good chemical resistance to acidic or caustic cleaners, and outstanding features. This cloth is super durable to last for hundreds of washing and drying. Clean with or without chemicals is both applicable.

Bleachable cloth can work with darker colors with best color fastness, and colorful designs available according to customers’ demands.


Cleanroom with highest standard of hygiene requirements,is essential for many modern manufacturing industries. Therefore specially designed cleaning products for cleanroom are also necessary. 

KINGMAX combines polyester/polyamide blended yarns with non-woven fabric to make professional cleanroom items in highest quality standard. Work with us to get your customized solutions for all applications in cleanroom.


KINGMAX provides a series of disposable mop items suitable for all kinds of applications. Clients will be recommended to appropriate products based on their needs and requirements. 

Disposable mop is a highly essential, effective and hygiene cleaning tool to save labor, and most importantly, reduce cross contamination.