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    MOQ 6'000pcs
    Lead Time 30 days after down payment received

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    Microfibre is a superior chemical free textile that is made from polyester and polyamide. The thickness of microfibre is finer than 1/100 (0.1-0.3 denier) of human hair and has a triangular shaped cross section. Due to that it can be used dry for dusting and polishing or slightly dampened with water for cleaning almost any washable surface.

    A microfibre product can absorb up to 7 times its weight in water. And while it is among the softest materials ever created by man, it is also incredibly strong. That's because “split” microfibres contain thousands of “loops” per square centimeter. This high density of fibres results in a fabric that cleans more thoroughly than traditional cloths and is durable enough to withstand over 500 washings. This makes microfibre extremely cost effective, since it is highly re-usable.

    Can I have a microfiber sample for evaluation? How long to make the sample?

    Yes, for sure. If the quotation is workable, we will provide the samples of microfiber cloths or mops for testing. Normally the samples are free, and the freight cost is collected.

    · For microfiber cloth, the sample can be ready within 24H if it’s ready in our showroom, if not, it will cost us 2 days to make it.

    · For microfiber mops and other cleaning tools, the samples will cost us 3-5 days to prepare it.

    How much does the shipping cost for a microfiber sample?

    Different shipping companies, different rate, so FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT will charge the different rate accordingly.

    For an easy reference, if the parcel of microfiber sample is less than 500g, the estimated shipping cost to your place is USD50.

    Does the shipping cost cover the local tax, import duty?

    The shipping cost does not cover any local tax, import duty, customs clearance or any other import-related costs levied by your government. Please check with your local customs office if it’s occurred.

    What is our payment terms?

    T/T. L/C or D/P is available, we are looking for a long-term business based on Win-Win, so the payment terms are negotiable for our future cooperations.

    What is our lead time for one order?

    For the microfiber cloths, the regular delivery time is 30 days after ordering in normal working season. For the microfiber mops and other cleaning tools, the lead time is around 40 days.

    To apply for samples, please fill in the following form. normally,We will complete the sample application confirmation in 2 days.
    The customized items will take longer.

         Carrier number like DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX...

    Please fill in the following form carefully to ensure that the samples can be delivered accurately.